Susan Butler - 2018 recipient of The IEEE Max Swerdlow Award for Sustained Service to the Applied Superconductivity Community

Susan Butler

Outreach Chair
University of Houston
5 (Southwestern U.S.)
Date Awarded:
For sustained service to the applied superconductivity community, in particular:
• for building coalitions, and unstinting support at the local, state, national, and international level for meetings and conferences to promote applied superconductivity, technically and politically;
• for outstanding encouragement and stimulation of high school and university students, teachers, and industry partners to explore applied superconductivity and help create the next generation of scientists and engineers; and
• for championing women and promoting diversity in science, technology, and business.
Presentation Photo:
Butler - Swerdlow at ASC2018
President Bruce Strauss and Tech/Service Awards Chair Joe Minervini recognize Sue Butler at ASC2018