Antonio della Corte - 2019 recipient of Max Swerdlow Award for Sustained Service to the Applied Superconductivity Community

Antonio della Corte

Immediate Past President
IEEE Region: 8
Date Awarded:
For sustained leadership and exceptional service to the applied superconductivity community, in particular:
• for his founding and gifted leadership of the Italian Consortium for Applied Superconductivity (ICAS);
• for enthusiastic leadership of the Superconductivity Laboratory of the Italian National Research Agency, ENEA, and his tireless and successful efforts in motivating and stimulating its young scientists and engineers; and,
• for recognized leadership within the applied superconductivity community as researcher, member, and President of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity.
Presentation Photo:
ADC Swerdlow pres photo
Bruce Strauss, Antonio della Corte, Joe Minervini (MT26)