EUCAS 2021

15th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity


Officers of the conference:

  • Local Organizing Committee Chair,  Vitaly Vysotsky (Russian Scientific R&D Cable Institute, Russia)  [email protected]
  • International Scientific Program Committee Chair Michael Parizh (GE Global Research, US) [email protected]

Program co-chairmen

  • LARGE SCALE: Konstantin Kovalev (Moscow Aviation Institute, National Research University, Russia) [email protected]   
  • ELECTRONICS: Grigory Goltsman (Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia) [email protected]
  • MATERIALS: Igor Rudnev (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russia) [email protected]

Sponsorship and exhibition: Vladimir Bannikov  (MirExpo Company) [email protected] 

Date & Time

Sun, September 12, 2021 –
Fri, September 17, 2021

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Moscow ExpoCenter

Moskva, Russia

Moskva, Russia