HTS 2021

7th International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of High Temperature Superconductors



As you know, the global situation related to the pandemic is still worrisome, especially because of the presence of variants of COVID-19, despite a vaccination campaign that has already started in most countries.

This situation does not allow us to organize a face-to-face HTS 2020 workshop this year and I deplore this as much as you do. However, in order for us to discuss, exchange and share our recent work in the different topics that form the backbone of the workshop, it seems important to us that the HTS 2020 workshop take place this year, virtually as you will have understood.

The HTS 2020 workshop is scheduled to be held online on June 22nd and 23rd, 2021.

Finally, I am well aware that the exchanges that we will have during this virtual workshop will be less numerous and less intense than those we would have had in person. Therefore, I woud like to inform you today that the organizing committee plans to welcome you in June 2022 in Nancy for a new edition of the International Workshop on Numerical Modelling of HTS, hoping that COVID-19 will be behind us.

Organizing Committee Chair: Kévin Berger 
GREEN, Université de Lorraine – France

Date & Time

Tue, June 22, 2021 –
Wed, June 23, 2021

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Virtual Event

Virtual Event