CSC Member Society Spotlight

CSC Activity | Thu, Mar 25th, 2021

IMS Member Society Spotlight

The IEEE Instrumentation Society (IMS) is one of IEEE’s professional societies of which CSC is a member council. IMS is focused on metrology, calibration and measurement of analog and digital electronic instruments and transducers, especially for measuring and recording electrical and non-electrical quantities, automated control and analysis, and safety instrumentation. Thus, IMS has several overlapping areas with the CSC, particularly in superconducting technology and metrology. Pete Hopkins and Sam Benz are representing the IMS for the CSC for 2021. We develop precision measurements in the Superconductive Electronics Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In August 2020, the biennial Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements was held virtually, with authors representing 32 different countries submitting 240 uploaded video presentations totaling over 62 h. CPEM 2020 Chair Alain Rufenacht recalls, “Two of the three plenaries were of particular interest to CSC members because they highlighted precision measurements for Cosmology with superconducting transition-edge sensors and MRI calibration with special ‘phantom’ standards measured, of course, with superconducting magnets”. The abstracts of these plenaries are still available here.  The 2020 CPEM proceedings of all 240 two-page conference digest papers for all the presentations are available on IEEE Xplore. An additional 75 papers with extended content have been submitted to the IMS journal IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. When all CPEM extended papers finish the review process, they will be collected as a “special section” of IEEE TIM vol. 70.

CSC members might be interested in two upcoming virtual conferences this year. The annual International Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference will be held May 17-20, 2021. The two sessions on Measurement for the Energy and Power Industry and Signal Processing for Measurement may be of particular interest. Secondly, the 2021 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium will be held August 2-4, 2021, and there will be multiple sessions that may be of interest to CSC members working on superconducting devices and sensors.

Finally, CSC members may be interested in some of the video tutorials posted on the IMS website. For example, there is a tutorial on non-superconducting photon detectors titled Single-Photon Detection Using Avalanche Gain in Silicon. We encourage CSC members to consider making and posting similar tutorials for the CSC website, perhaps on superconducting detectors and devices.

IMS Member Society Spotlight Image
2021 Member Society Spotlight: IMS
Superconducting sensor array fabricated at NIST for polarization measurements of the cosmic microwave background.  Each rhombus-shaped cell is an imaging pixel, which contains components for polarization diplexing, passband filtering, and power-sensing.  Each imaging pixel measures the power in the two linear polarizations and in two frequency bands.  Therefore each pixel contains four power sensors.  These power sensors are superconducting transition edge sensor bolometers.