Permanent and Postdoc Positions Available at NIST

Announcement | Thu, Aug 18th, 2022


The Superconductive Electronics Group | NIST is accepting applications via USAJOBS  through September 6th, 2022 for a permanent position, and through August 31st, 2022 for a two-to-three-year term appointment. U.S. citizenship is required for both two positions. The research area is ac voltage and RF waveform synthesis and standards using Josephson junction array circuits. They are looking for either physicists or RF engineers. The permanent position is potentially a ZP 4 level, typically appropriate for researchers who already have a few years of experience beyond Ph.D. Note that it is extremely rare that one of these is permanent and that they are not hiring internally. They are seeking strong new candidates to fill both positions! Also please do not be put off by the "low-bar" education requirements, as these are required for the published federal positions.

You can find the two links today:


The group is also seeking to immediately fill a NIST Fellow postdoc position in one of these areas:

  • Developing high-Jc YBCO junctions for quantum-based standards.
  • Qubit control, including readout and drives. 

U.S. citizenship is NOT required for this position. Please directly contact [email protected] for more information about this position. 


There are also NIST/NIRC Fellowship postdoc positions (citizenship required) described here: SFQ Synthesizer, for example.