Superconductivity News Forum Issue No. 49

CSC Activity | Thu, Mar 25th, 2021


In this Issue:

  • APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY CONFERENCE (ASC 2020): Selected Plenary, Young Scientist Visions Plenary, and Invited Presentations
  • IEEE QUANTUM WEEK: Selected Invited Presentations

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Special Alert: Due to the current pandemic, practically all superconductivity-related conferences and workshops have been canceled, shifted to a later date (some by more than a year), or will be held using a virtual platform. As a result, relevant information usually disseminated throughout the community during these meetings will not be made available within the usual timeframe.

In response to this delay, we are asking you to utilize SNF as a communication tool in order to help keep the applied superconductivity community strong and up to date. 

Please consider the following:

  • Write a short summary describing what is going on in your projects – exciting or not – this keeps us all informed and prevents costly double work.
  • Write about your experience with laboratory closures, working from home, or canceling of projects and share your expectations regarding how our work can be restarted.
  • Make preliminary scientific papers available that otherwise would have been presented in one of the conferences or workshops as a status at one point in time. (For delayed conferences, these papers may look very different due to ongoing research or time restrictions limiting what can be presented.)
  • Submit anything else that comes to mind that would catch the interest of the readers and could be published in the framework of the Superconductivity News Forum.

Further details can be found here.