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ASC 2014
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Cryorefrigeration for Applied Superconductivity Plenary Alain Ravex
IEEE CSC Awards Presented at Applied Superconductivity Conference 2014- Student Awards Ceremony Awards Ceremony Deepnarayan Gupta
Laser Communication from Space Using Superconducting Detectors Plenary Don Boroson
NRC Proposal for High-magnetic Field Research in the United States Plenary Greg Boebinger
Superconducting Maglev – Development and Progress Toward Revenue Service Plenary Naoyuki Ueno
Superconducting Detectors for Astrophysics and Cosmology Plenary Jonas Zmuidzinas
Why Does NbTi Continue to be "The King" of LTS Industry? High Field Superconductivity 50th Anniversary Hem Kanithi
SQUIDs and Superconducting Detectors for B-mode Cosmology in the Era of BICEP-2 SQUIDs 50th Anniversary Kent D. Irwin
The (challenges to) Industrialization of HEP-grade Nb3Sn Strands and Development of BSCCO-2212 Over the Last 10 Years High Field Superconductivity 50th Anniversary Jeff Parrell
High-current HTS Cables for Magnet Applications Plenary Luisa Chiesa
Perspectives on Conductor Development in the Next 10 Years High Field Superconductivity 50th Anniversary David Larbalestier