Yixuan Huang

Second Prize; Advisor: Chin-Sen Ting Ph.D. student in Physics; "Charge Density Wave in One-Dimensional Kondo Lattice Model"


Abstract: We report the existence of the charge density wave (CDW) in the one-dimension Kondo lattice model at zero temperature. The Kondo Lattice model describes a lattice of localized magnetic moments interacting with the itinerant electrons, which is the simplest model for the Heavy Fermion system. The CDW state is an ordered quantum fluid of electrons in a standing wave pattern. Based on our numerical results, we show that the CDW is driven by the effective Coulomb repulsion induced by the localized magnetic moments. The emergence of this phase could be used to explain the CDW found in the organic salts, which contains effective quasi-1D electron chains and localized magnetic moments.