Cryorefrigeration for Applied Superconductivity

Alain Ravex

Date & Time

Fri, August 15, 2014


Cryogenic cooling system, including both cryogenic source and thermal coupling to application, is a critical component of any applied superconductivity device. End users require high reliability, high efficiency, and low and easy maintenance to optimize system availability and minimize acquisition and operation cost. Depending on the superconductor, operation temperature ranges from 1.8 K up to 77 K and depending on application cooling power ranges from milliWatts up to tens of KWatts: different technologies will obviously be required! The experience learned from decades of NbTi based applications operation will be remained. For new HTS potential applications, state of the art of commercially available cooling technologies will be summarized and ongoing developments and potential new solutions will be discussed both for cryorefrigerators and their integration.


Cryogenics for Applied Superconductivity - A Review