Low-energy High-performance Computing based on Superconducting Technology

Nobuyuki Yoshikawa

Date & Time

Wed, September 7, 2016


Huge heat generation from logic circuits limits the performance of recent high-end computing systems, and their large power consumption becomes a social problem nowadays. Superconducting computing has potential to overcome the problem due to its extremely low-energy consumption with very high performance. In this presentation we will show recent progresses of low-energy high-performance superconducting computing. After the review of current research activities in Japan as well as in the world, we will show the ultimate-low-energy superconducting computing technology based on adiabatic and reversible operation of logic. It is emphasized that the superconducting logic is the technology that breaks through the thermal limit in computation.


Prof. Nobuyuki Yoshikawa surveys all the innovative low power technologies and digital designs based on superconducting electronics that will enable high-efficiency supercomputer systems.


Nobuyuki Yoshikawa

10 (Asia and Pacific)