IEEE Fellow

As it stands today, the IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. The total number selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total voting Institute membership. Each new Fellow receives a beautifully matted and framed certificate with the name of the Fellow and a brief citation describing the accomplishment, a congratulatory letter from the incoming IEEE president and a gold sterling silver Fellow lapel pin with an antique finish. 

Please note: The majority of the list below includes "IEEE Fellows" elevated by the Council on Superconductivity. The Council acknowledges that there are additional members of our community that have been elevated by other organizational units of the IEEE.

Nomination Details:

The nomination cycle for the next years' class of Fellows opens 1 September two years prior. For example, the class of 2021 nomination cycle opened on 1 September 2019.

Notice of Fellow Nomination Deadline** The deadline for submission of IEEE Fellow nominations, including the nomination, references, and endorsements, must be received by 7 February (11:59 p.m. ET). Please refer to the link below for forms and instructions.

IEEE Fellow Nomination Details

IEEE Fellow Nomination Guidelines

CSC Fellow Evaluation Committee Roster

Jay Gambetta

for contributions to quantum computing

Nobuyuki Yoshikawa

for contributions to the development of low-power superconductive digital circuits and their application to reversible computing

Britton Plourde

For contributions to integration of qubits into future practical quantum computing systems

Jianxun Jin

For development of operational high-temperature superconducting power devices.

Amit Goyal

For contributions to high-temperature superconducting materials.

Alan Kleinsasser

For contributions to superconducting electronic devices, circuits, and systems.

Akihiko Kandori

For contributions to superconductive magnetocardiography and diagnostic technology.

Antonio della Corte

For leadership in superconducting magnets.

Venkat Selvamanickam

For contributions to development and manufacturing of superconductor tapes.

Zhuo Li

For contributions to physical synthesis and modeling of integrated circuits.

Quanxi Jia

For contributions to coated superconductors and metal-oxide thin films for electronic applications.

Daniel Oates

For contributions to high-temperature superconductors and applications to RF receiver technology.

Sri Niwas Singh

For leadership and contributions to power engineering education.

Karl Berggren

For contributions to nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing in the sub-10 nm regime.

Deepnarayan Gupta

For contributions to superconductor digital radio-frequency receivers.

Kiruba Sivasubramaniam Haran

For contributions to high power density electric machines for renewable energy and aerospace applications.

Flix Miranda

For contributions to high-temperature superconductors and ferroelectric tunable microwave components for satellite communications

Nate Newman

For contributions to the development and production of novel thin-film materials and devices

Elie Track

For leadership in superconducting electronics and its applications

Gq Zhang

For contributions to heterogeneous micro/nano electronics packaging, system integration and reliability.

Swarn Kalsi

For development and application of high temperature superconductor electric power equipment

William Robert McCown

For leadership in the design, application, and manufacturing of superconducting generators and turbogenerators

Lucio Rossi

for leadership in developing magnetic systems for the Large Hadron Collider

John Spargo

For leadership in superconducting electronics and related technologies

Haran Karmaker

For contributions to the analysis, design and standards of large electrical machines

Oleg Mukhanov

For leadership in research and development of superconducting digital electronics

Samuel Benz

For contributions to quantum-based Josephson junction array waveform synthesizer

Donald U. Gubser

For contributions to applied superconductivity

Ilan Ben-Zvi

For leadership in superconducting accelerators, high brightness electron sources and free electron lasers

Alex I. Braginski

For leadership in research and development in magnetics and applied superconductivity

Yong Lian

For contributions to the design of low-power high-performance digital filters

Konstantin K. Likharev

For contributions to superconducting digital electronics and single-electron tunneling devices

Richard Stacy Withers

For development of superconductive and cryogenic radio frequency circuits for NMR

Manuel Castro

For contributions to distance learning in electrical and computer engineering education

Michael Ingram

For contributions to high-temperature superconductor synchronous condensers

Alexis P. Malozemoff

for leadership in the development of vortex dynamics of high temperature superconductors

John Wikswo

For contributions to understanding electromagnetic effects on materials and biological tissues

Charles Wilker

For contributions to microwave measurements of cryogenic and high power components

Charles Jackson

For leadership in the development of high-temperature superconductor microwave devices, quasi-optical techniques, and millimeter-wave subsystems for space and imaging systems

Robert Shull

For contributions to nanocomposites, superconductors, and magnetocaloric materials

Harold Weinstock

For leadership in superconducting magnetometry

Masanori Hara

For contributions to electrical insulation technology in superconducting power devices

Shuichi Tahara

For contributions to superconducting digital integrated circuits and single-flux quantum electronics

Charles W. Turner

For contributions to engineering education

Janina Mazierska

For contributions to measurements of high temperature superconducting and dielectric materials

Bruce Strauss

For leadership in low-temperature superconducting materials and magnet systems

Ljiljana Trajkovic

For contributions to computer-aided design tools for circuit analysis

Shirabe Akita

For contributions in applied superconductivity in support of electric power applications

Ron B. Goldfarb

For contributions to magnetic metrology for the characterization of superconductors

R. Wayne Johnson

For contributions to electronics that must operate in harsh environments

Justin Schwartz

For contributions to high-temperature superconductors and magnet systems

Robert Fagaly

For leadership in the development and commercialization of SQUID instrumentation

William Gallagher

For contributions to the development of oxide-barrier tunnel junctions for superconducting and magnetic device applications

Wilhelm W. Jutzi

For contributions to superconducting digital integrated circuits and microwave technologies

Paulo Ribeiro

For contributions to the understanding of harmonic penetration in transmission systems, and advancement of superconducting magnetic energy storage system applications

Raafat Mansour

For contributions to the development of high-temperature superconductive filters and multiplexers

Martin Nisenoff

For leadership in the application of high-temperature superconductivity and cryogenics to microwave components and systems

John Przybysz

For contributions in the development and application of Josephson digital circuits to electronic systems, especially radars, communication satellites and data switching networks

Edward Rezek

For contributions to GaAs and InP monolithic microwave integrated circuits and optoelectronic devices

Ke Wu

For contributions to hybrid integration of planar and non-planar microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and guided-wave structures

Masamitsu Kosaki

For contributions to the understanding of electrical insulation characteristics of polymers in the cryogenic temperature region and the development of extruded polymer insulated superconducting cable

Peter McLaren

For contributions to the development of digital relays and real-time simulators for testing relays

S K Yngvesson

For contributions to the development of millimeter wave devices and systems

Naoki Maki

For contributions to the development of superconducting generators and magnetically levitated systems

Gerhard Sollner

For pioneering the development of resonant-tunneling structures and contributions to the understanding of high-speed semiconductor devices

Mark Ketchen

For the development of superconducting devices and technology for scientific and practical applications.

Osama Mohammed

For contributions to three-dimensional electromagnetic field computation and for the development of intelligent systems techniques for the optimal design of electromagnetic devices and systems

Alan Clark

For contributions to superconductivity research, development of accurate characterization methods for superconductors, and development of related industry standards.

Clark Hamilton

For his key role in developing the Josephson voltage standard & other novel superconducting circuitry

Makoto Ibuka

For contributions to, and leadership in, the development of superconducting quantum devices and their application to precise measurement

Moises Levy

For contributions to the characterization of superconducting and magnetic materials by ultrasonic techniques

James Edmonds

For contributions to the development of superconducting technology and its application to the design of larger alternating current motors and generators

John Adam

For contributions to the development of microwave device applications of ferrite thin films

James Kirtley

For contributions to the theoretical understanding, development, and implementation of superconducting turbogenerators

Steinar Dale

For contributions to gaseous dielectrics and break-down phenomena, and testing techniques for gas-insulated systems

Eric Forsyth

For contributions to the development and operation of superconducting power transmission lines

Robert A. Kamper

For leadership and technical contributions to the application of superconductivity in instrumentation, measurement, and standards

A Kerr

For contributions to millimeter-wave receivers

L G Rubin

For contributions to cryogenic temperature and high-strength magnetic field measurement technology

Reece Roth

For development in superconducting magnet technology and discoveries in plasma instabilities and turbulence