IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity

Manuscript Submission for Special Issues

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General Procedure for Submitting a Manuscript

Each special issue of TAS will be provided with a dedicated portal to manage all manuscripts, using software created and maintained by ScholarOne Manuscripts (S1M).  Each submission portal will have specific opening and closing dates, which will be posted on the conference website.  

Prior to the conference, an account will be created in S1M for the contact author associated with each conference presentation identifier.  The submission site will open a few weeks in advance of the conference, and at that time an e-mail will be sent from the submission site to the contact author, inviting the author to submit the manuscript that is associated with the presentation ID. The e-mail will contain instructions and login information, including a special encrypted link to directly access the Author Center. The submission site generally stays open after the start of the conference, and the site generally closes during the conference to facilitate the setup of the peer review process.  It is important to act before the deadline of submissions because presentation IDs that do not receive an associated manuscript will be inactivated. 

Only the contact author will be able to submit the manuscript.  If the contact author needs to be changed, please inform the special issue managing editor to request the change.  Once the change has been completed, a new e-mail will be issued from the submission site to the new contact author, with the same instructions described above.

Once logged in to the submission site, the contact author will be asked to update the profile, including the selection or addition of keywords. The contact author will then be prompted for the following information:

  • The manuscript title
  • Information for every co-author, including email addresses
    • The e-mail address serves as the lookup key for authors already existing on the portal.
    • Co-authors serve as backup contacts for important notifications.
  • The manuscript abstract
  • The contact author’s affiliation and country
    • The affiliation should be the institution or laboratory where the work was performed.
    • The country should be the location of the institution or laboratory, which might not be the country of residence of the contact author.
  • A code provided with your paid conference registration or extra paper purchase
  • The manuscript page count, when typeset according to the template

The contact author will then be prompted to upload the manuscript files.  The proper conversion of the manuscript files to pdf must be verified.  Un-readable file conversions will result in the manuscript being sent back and other delays.  Un-readable file conversions may result because of upload of an incompatible file format, the use of fonts that are not compatible with the site, graphics that cannot be converted by the site, and other errors.  The acceptable document formats are defined on the submission site, and always include rich text format (.rtf), Word documents (.docx), and portable document format (.pdf).  Saving files with embedded fonts, and using Type 2 fonts, helps ensure compatibility.

Author Ethics

Contact authors may be required to verify authorship and author responsibility by accepting the following statements based on IEEE policies for author ethics:

  • By submitting this manuscript, the contact author verifies that all authors appropriate, and no authors inappropriate, appear on the manuscript.
  • By submitting this manuscript, the contact author accepts responsibility for communicating information related to editorial decisions and peer review to all co-authors.
  • By submitting this manuscript, the contact author verifies, on behalf of all co-authors, that all authors have read, understand, and agree to the statements made and the content presented.

Copyright Form

The copyright form is submitted via the peer review site after the manuscript has been accepted for publication and final files have been submitted. IEEE will NOT publish manuscripts without a copyright form.  The following options should be considered:

  • Some circumstances may make it not appropriate to use the online form.  The form can be downloaded, completed, and returned via e-mail or fax to the managing editor. The copyright form is available here. Be sure to include the conference name below the IEEE Publication Title.
  • In some cases, an authorized agent acting on behalf of the institution or affiliated organization must submit the copyright form.  Please consult your organization’s policy for submitting work for publication.  The completed form can be returned via e-mail.
  • Additional forms may be required.  Please consult your organization’s policy for any other legal obligations when submitting work for publication.