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Joseph Minervini

Distinguished Lecturer 2019 - 2021
2019 Talks Summary
Superconductor Technology for Science, Energy, and Medical Applications
Superconducting Technology for Fusion Energy

Past Distinguished Lecturers

Horst Rogalla

Distinguished Lecturer 2014 - 2018
The Quest for Superconducting Supercomputers

Jeff Tallon

Distinguished Lecturer 2014 - 2016
Critical Current Density and the Superfluid Density in Superconductors
High-Tc Superconductors – from Thermodynamics to Applications
Echoes of the Big Bang – Superconductivity and Cosmology
Critical Currents and the Pseudogap Phase Diagram
Thermodynamics and Universal Behavior Iin Cuprate and Pnictide Superconductors
Probing the Unusual Superconducting and Normal States of Cuprate Superconductors Using Neutrons
Superconductivity and the Energy Challenge
Mechanism and Phenomenology of Superconductivity in HTS Cuprates
Thermodynamics of Cuprate Superconductors – Phase Behaviour and the Question of Quantum Criticalit
Superconductivity, a 21St Century Technology Impacting on All Sectors – Energy, Transport, Health, Communications and the Universe!

Lucio Rossi

Distinguished Lecturer 2011 - 2013
Talk History

David Larbalestier

Distinguished Lecturer 2009 - 2011

Catherine P. Foley

Distinguished Lecturer 2007 - 2008
Are all HTS Josephson junctions the same?
SQUIDs in Geomagnetism and Prospecting
Superconductivity: Has it changed or touched your life?
No research is ever wasted - my brilliant career!

Stephen A. Gourlay

Distinguished Lecturer 2005 - 2006
Challenges and Prospects for the Large Scale Application of Superconductivity

Alexis P. Malozemoff

Distinguished Lecturer 2004 - 2005
The New Generation of Superconductor Electric Power Equipment

Donald U. Gubser

Distinguished Lecturer 2003 - 2004
SUPERCONDUCTIVITY An Emerging Technology for Power Systems

Theodore Van Duzer

Distinguished Lecturer 2001 - 2002
Applications of Unique Superconductor Quantum Phenomena in Electronics