Final Files

After receiving a final “accept” decision, authors will be asked to upload their final files. The final file will appear on IEEE Xplore very soon after upload and will become the temporary file for downloading while IEEE Publications formats the final copy. So, authors should be careful to make sure that all details of the manuscript template are followed.

The contact author will receive an e-mail notification requesting the upload of final files.  This should include:

  • The clean final copy of all source files, with no red text or marked revisions
  • A PDF version of the final manuscript, as close as possible to the manuscript template
  • The IEEE Copyright Form, if this was not provided at the time of manuscript submission.  For details, please refer to the manuscript submission information.

It is important to note that final document production takes place within IEEE Publications, using conversion settings different than those used by your software. Re-sizing of figures might result. The PDF file you submit also indicates to IEEE Publications staff how you intend the final production layout to appear.

IEEE Publications will contact you with page proofs of your final article. Authors will have an opportunity to review page proofs and respond with any changes. You must respond and approve page proofs before publication is final. The approved page proofs then receive an article number, and this final copy replaces the PDF file on IEEE Xplore.  Also, authors should note that final files or page proofs that are not returned in a timely manner could result in a deferral of the accepted manuscript to the regular issue of TAS.

Please ensure that copyright forms have been transferred and that any extra page charges have been paid.  When all papers are resolved, they will be organized and published as a collection in a single special issue of IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY devoted to the conference.