Announcing a New Chair for CSC Young Professionals!

Announcement | Mon, Apr 19th, 2021


Ms. Erica Salazar, CSC YP Chair
Doctoral Candidate, MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

The Council on Superconductivity is pleased to welcome Ms. Erica Salazar, MIT doctoral candidate, as the new Chair for IEEE CSC Young Professionals.

Erica conducts research at MIT in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Plasma Science and Fusion Center. She is working on high-temperature superconducting magnet design and research for the SPARC project. Her thesis work primarily focuses on the quench dynamics and quench detection of HTS cables for fusion energy applications. Erica has 8+ years of experience working with superconducting magnets for fusion applications. Prior to MIT, Erica worked at General Atomics as a mechanical engineer on the ITER Central Solenoid superconducting magnet manufacturing project.

The Young Professionals Chair of CSC organizes networking events at conferences in applied superconductivity, promotes communications among young professionals and represents their concerns to the Council, promotes membership in the IEEE, and serves as the Council's Young Professionals Representative to IEEE.

Learn more about the CSC Young Professionals program here.

Further details about Ms. Salazar's research:

MIT News article  Fusion webinar

The Council also would like to thank the outgoing YP Chair, Dr. Federico Scurti, for his 4 years of service.