CSC Young Professionals Spotlight - Sukanya S Meher

news | Thu, May 23rd, 2024

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Name: Sukanya S Meher

Position: CSC Young Professionals Co-Chair

What do you do for the IEEE Council of Superconductivity (CSC) YP committee?

As Co-Chair of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC) Young Professionals (YP) committee, my goal is to bring together and support students and early-career folks in the superconductivity field. This entails organizing events with other committee members and supporting them with the logistics. I along with Simon, another co-chair lead the dedicated team in planning workshops, setting up events related to professional development, mentorship, diversity, and inclusion, and showing why being part of IEEE CSC is beneficial. Overall, it's rewarding because you get to build a community where young professionals can learn, grow, and make a difference in superconductivity technology. Please stay tuned for the upcoming events for the students and young professionals we are planning by subscribing to our newsletter.

Which aspect of the IEEE CSC do you find most beneficial to your career?

I enjoy meeting other young professionals and volunteers in the IEEE CSC community and hearing their insights and perspectives. I also appreciate learning from senior IEEE CSC leaders and their experiences. Organizing events and seeing others find them helpful is very fulfilling. Additionally, access to cutting-edge research and technical resources keeps me updated on the latest advancements in superconductivity. Through IEEE CSC, I network with other professionals and participate in conferences and workshops that boost my technical knowledge and professional growth.

What do you currently work on regarding Superconductivity?

I work at HYPRES Inc, a company that develops and commercializes systems with digital and mixed-signal superconductor ICs and provides test and cryogenic packaging services. My job involves designing and testing of superconductor electronic circuits in cryogenic environments for various applications, such as digital signal processing, sensors, computing, and communication.

In your opinion, what role can YP play in making a significant impact on advancing the field of superconductivity?

Young Professionals (YP) can make a big impact on advancing superconductivity by bringing fresh ideas and energy to the field. They can work on new research, use the latest technology, and come up with innovative solutions to existing problems. YP can also connect with other experts, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects. By being active in professional groups and events, they can help spread new information and inspire more people to work in superconductivity.

What ignited your interest in the field of superconductivity and your current area of focus?

Back in graduate school at Columbia University, I took a course where we had to design and test a chip by assembling it on a PCB board. I was fascinated by the whole process, which required both technical skills and critical thinking. After graduating, I had the chance to interview at Hypres. I was impressed by their cutting edge work in superconductor electronics and the opportunity to work on both design and testing of designs in a cryogenic environment, understanding the end-to-end process. The more I learned about the field, the more interested I became in developing this technology.

What are your favorite hobbies outside work?

I love dancing, hiking, and listening to podcasts. I also enjoy learning about different cultures through my travels and I am a big fan of walking tours.