The European Society for Applied Superconductivity

Announcement | Thu, Apr 14th, 2022


Last year The European Society for Applied Superconductivity (ESAS) made great strides to further the aims of the association, increase its profile and produce a more stable organization. A Professional Conference Organizer was appointed to provide a permanent secretariat and assist with the administrative organization of EUCAS. September’s virtual EUCAS 2021 proved to be a success in difficult times, but we are now excited to be working towards EUCAS 2023, which will take place from 3-7 September in Bologna, Italy.

Following the rebrand and the launch of a new website, we will continue to add to the site by strengthening ties with other institutions and educational initiatives, such as with IEEE CSC and SNF.

ESAS continues to strengthen School activities and encourage students. Marina Putti, our first ESAS Schools Officer, has just launched a call for proposals for schools and we hope to be able to support up to four in 2023. In addition, we will build a network of support channels to identify distinguished lecturers on Applied Superconductivity and to act as ESAS ambassadors to EU Universities and Organizations.

This year, with the help of Carmine Senatore, our newly appointed Publication Officer, ESAS will produce a scientific publication policy, primarily for EUCAS but for the society in general.

ESAS continues to evolve and aims to add other high-level events to its event portfolio, such as workshops and seminars, as well as a conference in non-EUCAS years. Over the coming months, we will appoint an ESAS Committee to explore and frame new ideas and events for submission to the Board for general discussion and approval.

Awards continue to be an important aspect of ESAS activity and with the assistance of the ESAS Awards and Prizes Committee, we will be conducting a general review of the awards process, to improve the presentation framework and the overall visibility of our Awards

Outreach is a primary means of communicating beyond the community of specialists, increasing public awareness, and sowing the seeds of interest for the next generation. To this end, we’re delighted to have renewed a Memorandum of Understanding with IEEE CSC to collaborate on this, and Sergio Calatroni has been appointed as the ESAS Outreach Officer to implement the policy.

ESAS and IEEE’s close ties continue with collaboration on constructing a global platform for seminars on the hottest topics in applied superconductivity.

These are exciting times for ESAS, a society which is continuing to improve and evolve, to give more prominence to the applied superconductivity community and to the technical-scientific themes it represents.