A Remarkable Life - In Memoriam: Sir Martin Wood

news | Wed, Dec 22nd, 2021

in memory sir martin wood

Sir Martin Wood (April 19, 1927 - November 23, 2021) was immensely proud of his invention of an affordable superconducting magnet and believed that it could have a bigger part to play in combating climate change. “Given the quite extraordinary property of loss-free conduction of electricity, it is surprising that superconductivity has not made a greater impact in a wider range of technologies and industries,” he said in 2011. “Nevertheless the increasing cost of energy serves as a strong incentive for the introduction of superconductivity in a range of developments. 

The Superconductivity community has lost a truly remarkable member. The IEEE Council on Superconductivity extends heartfelt condolences to Lady Wood and the entire Wood family.

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