Special Session at ASC'22 on Superconducting Quantum Components and Systems

Announcement | Tue, May 31st, 2022

ASC 2022

This special session on Superconducting Quantum Components and Systems will be held at the 2022 ASC in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Quantum components and systems based on superconducting circuits and Josephson junctions are a subject of intense and rapidly growing study in the worldwide race to realize a platform that extends realistic algorithmic capabilities beyond the reach of traditional classical computing.  Practitioners of superconducting qubit research explore novel qubit platforms, circuit topologies, control and measurement schemes, and platform-tailored algorithms. In this session, contributors will discuss fundamental components and research toward near-term superconducting quantum systems and overview current and future schemes to advance superconducting qubit platforms through the noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) era.

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This session is sponsored by the IEEE Council on Superconductivity