Superconductivity Talks

Announcement | Mon, Feb 21st, 2022

First flyer

Superconductivity Talks is our new virtual webinar series that showcases Young Professionals across different superconductivity disciplines.  Selected Young Professionals will give virtual talks to the superconductivity community about their research and interests.  This webinar series is a great way to learn about other YP research, network with other professionals within and across different superconductivity fields, and also get experience presenting!

We showcased our first Superconductivity Talks webinar earlier this month (February 14th).  Our first talk, titled "Boosting superconducting electronics with the Josephson effect: towards hybrid quantum circuits and RF-applications", was presented by Dr. Halima Giovanna Ahmad. If you missed the talk, you can now watch the recorded Superconductivity Talk online at:

We plan on hosting a new Superconductivity Talk every month.  If you're interested in staying updated about the next Superconductivity Talks webinar, please add yourself to the IEEE CSC YP listserv where we will email out monthly newsletters and notifications of future Superconductivity Talks. You can also ensure you are added by joining the IEEE YP and the IEEE CSC affiliation. You can find more information at the IEEE CSC YP website here: Additionally, the RSVP page for the Superconductivity talks webinar will be updated with future webinar information once we have selected our next speaker. 

If you are interested in being a future Superconductivity Talks speaker, please apply online at the bottom of the RSVP page: (You do not have to fill out the RSVP form, you can skip to the bottom and only fill out the application form).  We encourage all Young Professionals within IEEE CSC to apply! 

The new webinar series would not be possible without the efforts of the IEEE CSC YP committee.  The incredible committee members are: Halima Ahmad, Simon Chislett-McDonald, Ashleigh Francis, Rui Kang, Yoh Nagasaki, Abiola Oloye, Erica Salazar, Emily Toomey, and Lia Yeh.  If you have any questions or suggestions for future events, please reach out (ericasalazar at  Also, check out our website here for more information: