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The CSC Presentation Library exists to preserve and disseminate video lectures, discussions, and presentations from the conferences and workshops that the Council supports. Since its inception in 2012, the library has become a rich repository highlighting many of the key advancements in superconductivity and is available free of charge in collaboration with

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Community Recognition
Presentation Title Speaker(s) Date Sort ascending
Lemelson-MIT Student Prize Awarded to Federico Scurti Interview Federico Scurti
ASC 2018
Presentation Title Speaker(s) Date Sort ascending
Part I - "Cramming More Qubits Onto Quantum Computers" IRDS Paolo Gargini
Part II - Intro - "Focus on Cryogenics & Superconductors" IRDS Scott Holmes
Part III - Panel Discussion IRDS Nancy Missert, Pascal Febvre, Scott Holmes, Michael P. Frank, John Spargo, Deepnarayan Gupta, Oleg Mukhanov
Probing the Universe with Gravitational Waves Plenary Rainer Weiss
New Results from the G2 Axion Dark Matter Experiment Plenary Gray Rybka
Superconducting Quantum Computing Research and Applications in the United States Quantum Moe Khalil
Quantum Technologies in Europe – The Quantum Flagship Initiative Quantum Thomas Ortlepp
Quantum Annealing: Current Status and Future Directions Quantum Richard Harris
Superconducting Quantum Computing in China Quantum Xiaobo Zhu
Superconducting Quantum Computing Research in Japan Quantum Yasunobu Nakamura