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The CSC Presentation Library exists to preserve and disseminate video lectures, discussions, and presentations from the conferences and workshops that the Council supports. Since its inception in 2012, the library has become a rich repository highlighting many of the key advancements in superconductivity and is available free of charge in collaboration with

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ASC 2018


MIRAI Program and the New Super-high Field NMR Initiative in Japan

Hideaki Maeda

A brief review of the JST-MIRAI Program, initial results of the investigation on superconducting joints, preliminary results for the medium field persistent NMR magnets, and the current status of the joints for railway systems.


The Prospects for Scalable Quantum Computing with Superconducting Circuits

Robert Schoelkopf

Robert Schoelkopf presents the first implementation of a teleported C-NOT gate, which is a key building block for the modular approach.

Awards Ceremony

IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship & ASC Best Student Paper Awards (2018)

Bruce Strauss

IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship & ASC Best Student Paper Awards presented on the Friday of ASC 2018 in Seattle.

Roundtable Discussion

HTS Magnets at the Frontier of Science and Technology

Joseph Minervini , Seungyong Hahn , Tengming Shen , Zachary Hartwig

Three experts in the fields of NMR/MRI, High Energy Physics, and Magnetic Confinement Fusion are brought together to discuss the expansion of the scientific and technical horizons enabled by HTS technology.


Microstructure-Property Correlations in Superconducting Wires

Peter J. Lee

How key developments in our understanding of superconductors wire made possible by combining quantitative microscopic & microchemical techniques with detailed characterizations of superconducting properties.


High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) as Enabling Technology for Sustainable Mobility and Energy Efficiency

Tabea Arndt

Tabea Arndt (Siemens )examines HTS materials as possible enabling technologies for sustainable mobility and energy efficiency in power technology.


Jan Evetts Award Presentation & In Memoriam Tribute

Catherine P. Foley , Bruce Strauss

Jan Evetts SUST awardee recognition followed by an In Memoriam video tribute to superconductivity community members that have passed since the 2016 ASC.


Opening of ASC 2018

Matthew Jewell , Luigi Muzzi

General Chair Matt Jewell opens the ASC 2018 in Seattle, Washington. Program Chair Luigi Muzzi introduces the technical program for the conference.


Superconducting RF Cavities and Future Particle Accelerators

Barry Barish

Prof. Barish opens the conference with a discussion that will stimulate our thoughts about large projects, such as particle accelerators, which rely upon superconductivity.

Awards Ceremony

IEEE CSC Awards Presented at Applied Superconductivity Conference 2018; CSA Boom Award Presentation

Bruce Strauss

IEEE CSC Awards presented in Seattle at the ASC 2018, and Cryogenic Society of America Roger W. Boom award presentation by Chris Rey.

ASC 2016


Recent Research Activities of Applied Superconductivity in China

Liye Xiao

This talk provides a comprehensive review of research and development, as well as products, product development, and applications in China using superconductor materials, technology, & electronics.


Voltage Metrology with Superconductive Electronics

Samuel Benz

Fundamental standards for voltage, dc & ac, are based on the Josephson Effect. Sam Benz discusses the development, state-of-the-art, and future prospects for these standards.


Unconventional Superconductivity: From History to Mystery

Laura Greene

Laura Greene provides a critical look at all superconducting materials and the various theories, with a classification of conventional and unconventional materials, and considerations for new materials yet undiscovered.


30 Years to High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS): Status and Perspectives

Carmine Senatore

This presentation illustrates the close synergetic relationship between the evolution of material understanding and advancement in superconductor technology.


One HTS Josephson Junction – An Array of Applications: Has anything come from HTS devices in the last 30 years?

Catherine P. Foley

Cathy Foley from CSIRO provides a review of the advances in high temperature superconducting (HTS) electronic devices in the 30 years from 1986 to 2016, with a survey of applications and an outlook to the future.


Low-energy High-performance Computing based on Superconducting Technology

Prof. Nobuyuki Yoshikawa surveys all the innovative low power technologies and digital designs based on superconducting electronics that will enable high-efficiency supercomputer systems.


FCC – High-energy Collider

Michael Benedikt

Michael Benedikt summarizes the motivation and the present status of the Future Circular Collider study. He also covers the major design challenges and technology R&D topics for the accelerators.


Superconductors for the Future – from the Perspective of the Past

David Larbalestier

Marking the 30th anniversary of the discovery of high-temperature superconductors, particularly the cuprates, David Larbalestier reviews the past and predicts the future.

ASC 2014

Awards Ceremony

IEEE CSC Awards Presented at Applied Superconductivity Conference 2014- Student Awards Ceremony

Deepnarayan Gupta

The recipients of the ASC Best Student Paper Contest and the  IEEE CSC Graduate Study Fellowship in Applied Superconductivity were announced at the Plenary Session on Friday, August 15, 2014.


Superconducting Maglev – Development and Progress Toward Revenue Service